Narrowing Window of Opportunity to sell…

Yes, the window of opportunity to sell your home in Alberta is narrowing.  No doubt about that.

I’m getting reports from the banks, economists, CMHC and the Calgary Real Estate Board along with the Canada-wide real estate associations and provincial associations.  Confusing messages.  No one knows when they should sell. Most eyes are on Vancouver and Toronto and for those of us in Calgary, that’s no surprise.  So let’s skip to what matters… the Calgary market.  Despite what you hear in the media, Calgary’s market right now is good. All of us have been surprised but COVID has brought us a lot of bad things but one good thing and that’s lower mortgage rates.  So that means buyers are out looking.  If you are thinking of selling….DO IT NOW.  Do not make the mistake of waiting until spring.

I’m never this emphatic but I need my Calgary homeowners to get this message.  If you wait until March or April, not only will you be competing with hoards of new listings that typically come on the market each spring but you will be competing against the long list of foreclosures now set to enter the market as a result of the Covid Pandemic fall-out.  You won’t be able to compete against foreclosures and still get the price you want for your house.  Calgary foreclosures will bring the market down – no doubt about it.  Always has… always will.  Foreclosures are starting to appear on the database but there is still a narrow window to take advantage of the good market so contact me and I will make this happen for you.  Once your house is sold you will be able to sit back and see what happens to the market and you will be very glad you got on it now.  My reputation speaks for itself.  I will get you through this rough patch.  And remember, there are literally thousands and thousands of Calgarians who have been hit hard by COVID.  People just like you and me.  Not a lot of people are talking about it because its embarrassing but pretty much everyone has been hit in one way or the other with the financial crushing effects of Covid.  Its just what you do about it that will separate you from everyone else.  I don’t believe in pressure.  Everyone will tell you that.  So don’t be afraid to step forward and least get an evaluation on your house so you know where you stand in this market.  It will help you make an informed decision one way or the other and all of my client’s information is kept in the strictest confidence.

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CALGARY:  One of the Top 10 Most Affordable Cities in the World

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CALGARY, Alberta is now one of the world's top 10 most affordable cities to live in, posted today by the Calgary Real Estate Board who uses an in-house economist to analyze and report data.

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Market Update May 3, 2022

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Yesterday, the Calgary Real Estate Board posted this: " Calgary's benchmark price reached $526,700 in April, nearly two per cent higher than last month and 17 per cent higher than last year". This means that home prices (detached homes) have risen 2% in just 30 days. This translates into the price of a Calgary home increasing approx. $175 per day...

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Market Feels Cool Breeze

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