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Having sold 800 homes, Dory Cameron's 22 years of solid real estate experience ensures you are in the absolute best hands when it comes to buying and selling real estate.  She lives and breathes real estate!

Dory flipped homes while in University in order to pay for her Business Degree.  It was a lot of work but she put her heart into it - and learned a lot about construction and how the real estate market really works.

With each house sale, a realtor took a huge portion of her hard-earned money.  Not once did they mention that commissions were negotiable or offer her any kind of deal on commissions.  She started to feel that many agents were only in it for the quick pay cheque when they kept selling her houses that were on very busy roadways or near railway tracks.  Its for this reason she decided to get her real estate license - because concern for the consumer was just not there.
Her hard work quickly paid off and people soon realized the extent of her construction knowledge, design expertise and adeptness at reading the nuances of the Calgary economy.  Her sales grew exponentially.  She left Calgary Police and started her own brokerage in 2002.  

Dory earned her Fellowship in Real Estate (FRI) in 2010.
She authored "The Power of Staging" (2010) and earned her professional staging designation (CSP).

Dory lives with her husband who's she has been married to for over 17 years.  .  She's also an avid scuba diver and raises horses.

Call Dory and ask about her "Friends and Family" commission reduced plans, which will leave more $$$ in your pocket.  You can look forward to your complimentary home evaluation with absolutely no pressure.

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