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Having sold 800 homes, Dory Cameron's 22 years of solid real estate experience ensures you are in the absolute best hands when it comes to buying and selling real estate.  She lives and breathes real estate!

Dory flipped homes while in University in order to pay for her Business Degree.  After finishing half a dozen houses, she started getting annoyed with real estate agents who swept in, sold her any old home regardless of location and then breezed back in, when the hard work was done, and took off with half her equity in real estate commissions!  These agents also didn't seem to care whatsoever with what or where she was buying.  Over and over again, Dory bought houses that seemed to have one problem or another such as close to rail way tracks, on busy streets that were rush hour cut-through streets and other locational negatives.  Didn't realtors care what they sold their buyers or where they just in it for the quick buck?  

Dory finally had enough and while working for Calgary Police, she earned her real estate agent's licence and decided to do real estate on her days-off.  She counted on buyers and sellers appreciating an honest and hard-working agent.   Her hard work quickly paid off and people soon realized the extent of her construction knowledge, design expertise and adeptness at navigating the Calgary economy.  Her sales grew exponentially.  She left Calgary Police and started her own brokerage in 2002.  

As Broker and Owner of Cameron Realty Group Inc., she offers clients two commission packages:
The Buy & Sell $3,995" package and the 1.35% Sell-Only package. Both will save her clients thousands of dollars but don't confuse her with a 'discount real estate agent' because that she is not!  She always offers full professional Multiple Listing Service complete with professional photographs and professional measurements.  Her listings are advertised on hundreds of websites. As a Certified Professional Stager (CSP) SHE offers complimentary staging advice to ensure your property show its best! 

Dory earned her Fellowship in Real Estate (FRI) in 2010.
She published "The Power of Staging" (2010) and is finishing her most recent book "Guerrilla Tactics to Get Your Home Sold" (2022).

Dory lives with her husband who's she has been married to for over 17 years.  Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, Oxford house and helps to re-home horses otherwise scheduled for slaughter, keeps Dory busy when she's not working.  She's also an avid scuba diver and home improvement junkie!  

Call Dory for for commission package details - no pressure - no gimmicks. Just good honest advice based on solid experience.  Complimentary home evaluations with absolutely no pressure.

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