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Summer is Here...should you list?

Blog by Dory Cameron | June 28th, 2019

Exactly 7 days ago summer started!  What with getting ready to go on holidays, graduations, weddings...and with Stampede around the corner it seems that everyone is very busy.  Lots of neighbors mowing their lawns during the week so they can escape for the weekend.  Is the selling season over?  Nope.  Houses that have sold in the last couple of weeks still have those sellers looking for the perfect house.  In fact, many realtors will expire their listings out on June 30th as they won't be available to show the house or handle offers.  Those sellers often go away on holidays and will come back during the summer where some will list again, others might wait until after the September long weekend and some might way for next year to list again.  This means that supply will be limited.  Often visitors to Calgary will use their summer holidays to scout out the City, look for job opportunities and attend interviews.  Yes, it happens more than you know!  If the interview goes well, they use the time to look at houses.  I've had people come on holidays, get a job offer and buy a house all within the first three weeks of July.  So when considering if you should extend your home's listing to include the summer months or if you are tired of where you live, maybe want more privacy, are sick of barking dogs or noisy streets...you might do well to list your home during this time when houses are coming off the market and supply is low.  After all, the end of June, July and August is when your house shows its very best!